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      10 Blockchain Trends in China for 2024


      10 Blockchain Trends in China for 2024: Trend 1: Industry Expansion Speed May Slow Down Trend 2: China’s Innovation Focus: Scenario Applications and Digital Technology Integration Trend 3: Balancing China’s Regional Blockchain Development: Towards Scenario-Driven Growth Trend 4: New Technology Boosts Scenario Application Importance in…

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      Cloud Computing Market in China


      China has put forward the goal of constructing a new generation of information technology and other new growth engines to establish internationally competitive digital industry clusters. Cloud computing is a concentrated reflection of the development of information technology and innovation in service models. It represents…

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      IT and Telecom

      AI in IoT Market


      IoT technology is essential for various organizations to undergo digital transformation, empowering them to upgrade existing processes by developing and monitoring new business models in real-time. Enterprises and service providers have recognized IoT as a key driver of digital transformation initiatives and operational efficiencies. An…

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