Global Aerosol Coatings Fact


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Market Overview

This study aims to analyze the global market of aerosol coatings.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Methodology 4
Part 2. Aerosol Coatings Market Overview 6
Summary 6
Value Chain 8
Part 3. Market Dynamics 9
Growth Drivers and Future Trends 9
Restraints and Challenges 12
Opportunities 15
Part 4. Global Aerosol Coatings Market by Resin Type 17
Alkyd Coatings 17
Acrylic Coatings 19
Epoxy Coatings 21
Polyurethane Coatings 22
Others Coatings Resin Type 23
Part 5. Global Aerosol Coatings Market by Region 24
North America 24
Europe 24
Asia Pacific 24
Latin America 25
Middle East and Africa (MEA) 25
Part 6. Aerosol Coatings Market Competitive Analysis 26
Market Dynamics of Aerosol Spray Paints 26
Global Aerosol Coatings Market Competition Overview 27
Briolf Group 28
Business Overview 28
Contact Information 28
European Aerosols GmbH 29
Business Overview 29
Contact Information 29
Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. 30
Business Overview 30
Contact Information 32
Peter Kwasny GmbH 33
Business Overview 33
Contact Information 33
PPG Industries, Inc. 34
Business Overview 34
Contact Information 36
Rust-Oleum Corporation 37
Business Overview 37
Contact Information 37
Technima SAS 38
Business Overview 38
Contact Information 38
The Sherwin-Williams Company 39
Business Overview 39
Contact Information 40
Other Leading Competitors 41
Disclaimer 42

Global Aerosol Coatings Market, Net Growth, 2020-2029 (USD Million)
Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. Financial Overview (JPY Billion), 2019-2023
Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. Revenue, by Segment, 2023
Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. Revenue, by Region, 2023
PPG Industries, Inc. Financial Overview (USD Million), 2019-2023
PPG Industries, Inc. Revenue, by Segment, 2023
PPG Industries, Inc. Revenue, by Region, 2023
The Sherwin-Williams Company Financial Overview (USD Million), 2019-2023
The Sherwin-Williams Company Revenue, by Segment, 2023

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Global Aerosol Coatings Fact

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